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Manage employee time off without the hassle

Easily track & manage time off, no matter where your team members are - saving you time, helping your team be more productive & encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

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Taking a holiday doesn't need to be hard work

Switch to an all in one tool that has everything your team needs for a healthy, productive and organized time off managment system.

Vacation Reports

Easily export vacation balances and metrics for use with other tools.

Custom Leave Types

Define custom time off types to suit your teams needs.

Approval requests

Review, approve, or edit vacation requests with comments.

Minimum vacation days

Encourage a healthy work-life balance for your teams.

Flexible policies

Flexible policies for both limited and unlimited time off.

Automatic Holidays

Public holidays for over 200+ countries automatically included.

Hassle free vacation process

Make taking a vacation simple. Team members can easily choose their time off, have their requests reviewed and approved, and get on with their day.

Inbox user interface

Ditch the spreadsheets

Get setup once and get rid of the manual work and effort. No more messy spreadsheets or missing paperwork, and make leave requests more like a holiday and less like a chore.

Customer profile user interface

Flexible setup

Tailor Leavebot to fit your unique company identity and needs. Operate multiple leave structures within a single organization spanning one office or multiple continents.

Inbox user interface

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